How to Find the Best Medical Billing Company

When looking to outsource your medical billing process, you will find many practices offering the same things. Even if you know the services you’re looking for, it can be tough to figure out who meets your criteria. For those looking to engage a billing specialist, researching the various companies online can be extremely hard. It’s challenging to know if a company is reputable and trustworthy.


Founded in 1992, EMMG was a response to the growing needs of healthcare providers and their staff to navigate an increasingly complex billing and collections environment. Our growth has been driven by the dramatic rise in legislative and regulatory requirements. This steady growth has increased our client list over the years and in 2017 we processed more than 2.5 million claims. In the following paragraphs we aim to use our years of experience to help you make the best choice when outsourcing your billing processes.


Where is the company located?


Find out if the work is outsourced from the company or done in-house. First, search for the business information and any addresses listed. Does the business list an address for a location in the United States? Does this address seem legitimate? Can you search them using Google Maps or another platform? Some companies operating outside of the United States do not provide an official address or they may even list a false address to make it seem like they are operating in the U.S.


Additionally, have a look at the team or about page to find the management team within the business. Do they supply any information about their leadership team or any employees? Some of these billing companies, whether they are in the U.S. or abroad, are not forthcoming about their business processes. If they do not provide any insight about their team, this could potentially be a sign they are outsourcing some of their medical billing operations overseas or are not legitimate businesses.


Is the company selling software?


Some medical billing companies sell software, which is likely their main source of business. This might seem like a great deal to have software and billing services packaged together, however, this generally means the software is the primary business and the billing services are used to entice clients to sell the software to. While this works well for some practitioners, it can be an issue for more complicated revenue management systems.

Is the company a billing specialist?


These include the businesses that specialize in revenue cycle management and the billing processes. They usually have billing teams in the U.S. and typically have experience using a variety of software platforms. This allows their clients a choice in software so they are able to integrate the systems that they are comfortable working with. Billing specialists will also offer a variety of services and customize them to each of the client’s unique needs.

At EMMG, we are committed to providing quality customized services at an affordable cost. Our goal of meeting or exceeding client expectations will remain at the core of our business philosophy as we continually strive for improvement in the efficiency, economy, and effectiveness of planned work services. Quality is not something that "just happens." It is a state of being that must be achieved through vision, dedication, and consistent practice.

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